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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Red Screen of Death- iPhone 5

So today I came across a customers iPhone 5 that was stuck on this red screen. She was insisting this occured out of no where. There were a few nicks and scrapes on the bezel suggesting a drop of some sort. I proceeded to hold the power and home button to get out of this mode. 

Once the iPhone returned to the boot screen (Apple logo), a command
line showed up. In the error, it says "unclean shutdown".

This is the first time I have seen this sort of error screen especially on an 
Apple device. Is this common? After multiple Google searches, I found
minimal coverage on this issue. A handful of people had reported this 
problem with their iPhone. There was even a comment suggesting to even 
smack the back of the phone towards the top and bottom. That did not work. 
If anyone has a solution to this problem, please leave it in the comment section below.


  1. I have the same problem, but have found no solutions

  2. i have the exact same problem came outta now where anyone know how to fix it?

  3. My red screen and similar command lines came after getting water in the speaker/headphone jack of my iPhone 5. I just paid the $200 for the insurance to replace it.....

  4. My iphone4 was already cracked on the front screen towards thebottom right, I then put the lifeproof on it (I know a little late). Today it fell again and turned off but with apple icon not in the middle it was off to the right. I let it I guess let the battery die and put it on the charger after about an hour I checked it and the screen was completely red no commands no apps nothing. I dont want to smack it since it is badly cracked.... any other ideas???

  5. Try to change the frontcam/sensor flexcable this is working at my iphone 5 with the same problem. Check also the frontcam/sensor connector at the mainboard. Maybe its dirty or a pin is broken.

  6. Erwin vd helm was *absolutely* correct. I replaced a screen for a customer yesterday. Worked fine for hours. He brought it in with red screen, constant bootloop, and/or NAND error messages. He took it to Apple, and they said it was hardware related. So, I removed the front camera/proximity cable, as suggested above, and sure enough - phone booted to iOS without issue. Plug the cable back in - instant crash. Thank you so much for the help!

  7. i went onto itunes and did a restore a few moments ago ive got my screen back but its not sensing touch

  8. was updating my iphone 5 from ios 6 to ios 7 when it was almost complete the screen went black and i waite a few mins to turn it back on and this problem occured. i think my iphone does not have an os anymore and that there is no cure for this problem :/ the phone does not charge or get recodnised by itunes i beleive

  9. I have the exact same issue - no drop, no water, no nothing. First my iPhone 4 went completely black out of nowhere. I then put it in the charger, it resurrected so to speak, but after only a few minutes of use it then turned to a completely bright red screen. Just like in the picture above.
    Only problem I have is that my lock button on the iPhone doesn't work anymore, so I cannot hard reset the iPhone. Anyone with a suggestion? Many thanks!

  10. i have the same problem apple is bad

  11. My 5 got wet today...worked fine for awhile, then the apple screen appeared with "code" across the top. I did the "bag of rice" thing and an hour later...glowing RED screen!! Will do nothing....waiting till tomorrow to see if the rice trick works and hopefully can reboot!!